Easy Foot Exercises with Pictures

Exercising your feet is something that not too many discuss. Isn’t that odd? The things that get the most daily work, our feet, shouldn’t they get some kind of attention?


Included here are a few pictures of the kids doing foot exercises.



This is one of the exercises in the accompanying books. In this photo, Jenna is using a fancy foot roller but all you have to do is get a simple water bottle. Then spend about 5 minutes each day doing rolling exercises. I would suggest sitting on the edge of your bed or in a chair. It’s harder for us to get up than the little people. But simply roll each foot back and forth across the bottle.





In this photo, Mica is doing a fun exercise of picking up marbles with his toes. This exercise builds strength in the foot. It exercises the foot muscles, addressing the plantar fascia and other ligaments in the foot. You can either sit with the bowl of marbles in front of you or as shown in the following picture, practice the exercise while standing.




Again, I would recommend sitting so that no accidents occur.

Spend 5 minutes switching feet and picking up the marbles with the toes. You can place a few on the floor and then see how many you can get into the bowl within a five minute period. As the days progress, you will be able to get more and more. Watch your score increase from day 1 to day 7. Simultaneously, you will be increasing the strength in your foot and working on your arch as well.