Pictures of Foot Manipulations and Product Usage

In these images, you will find several ideas to help you with foot and toe manipulations to help in your Healthy Foot Journey.

In this photo, Rebecca is manipulating her toes. This is a good practice to do for about 5 to 10 minutes each day. You want to move the big toe in as many directions as you can without causing pain. This gets blood flowing to that hallux valgus joint. It also will provide more stimulation to assist in treating bunions using home remedies.



It is never too late to begin manipulating your toes to bring more blood circulation and flexibility to them. Massage for a few minutes then start your movements of your toes up then down. When you get to the big toe is when you can provide more help in separating that big toe away from the other toes and creating a space. Just be sure to do it in an easy fashion when first starting.



If you are lucky enough to have someone around to help you, then have them apply pressure to this spot on your foot. Otherwise do so yourself. Use your thumb to apply pressure to the center portion foot’s plantar fascia. Then move the thumb up and down along the center line.


Since we are unable to constantly massage our feet, the Dr. Kelly’s products help to apply this pressure for us.


Some of the products allow us to move while others are uncomfortable and we just have to sit down with our feet up while they provide their support.

This is just like we couldn’t start walking while someone was massaging our feet, right? Exactly, some products provide their support and help while we are sitting or laying down. These are recommended for wear during sleep.



These products for plantar fasciitis act like a foot heel bandage that you can easily slide on and off the foot. Think of them as one-step ace bandage (see below) where you don’t have to worry about wrapping it too tight or too loose that it falls off.



Your black plantar fasciitis heel sleeves slide on easily. They wrap around your heel and bottom of your foot at the site where most people experience pain due to plantar fasciitis as shown in this next image. They also act as shock absorbers as you are walking barefoot around the house.
**NOTE: You may also wear them over your socks.**
They also provide heel support to help individuals suffering with heel spurs.


Finally, these silicone gel heel sleeves are also good for heel spurs and plantar fasciitis. They grip the heel and offer support to the plantar fascia.



In addition, they also have the added benefit of offering a moisturizing aspect for cracked heels. I have used these myself and I am always delighted at how soft my heels feel after I’ve worn them for 30 minutes.



So, not only do they provide a cushion to my heel every time I take a step, but they also have my heel feeling less chafe when I take them off. I can actually wear them all day around the house because the gel acts as a shock absorber with each step.



The silicone gel sleeves can be washed with soap and water by hand.

The black neoprene material plantar fasciitis foot sleeves can be machine washed or hand washed.