PRODUCT INSTRUCTIONS  (Clockwise from middle)

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Blue Bunion Device: Loosen strap. Slide between big toe and 2nd toe, carefully working into position. Tighten blue strap around foot. Wear as you relax at home or when sleeping. Wear for 15 minute intervals.  As your feet become accustomed to device, consistent wear for longer periods of time have proven most helpful for pain reduction.

Bunion Foot Cover: Slide bunion device over foot and between big and 2nd toe to create spacing and offer gentle alignment of big toe, and prevent bunching of toes. Can be worn with or without socks.

Gel Pads – Peel and place in bottom of shoe to offer shock-absorption.

Toe Gel Pads – Slide 2nd toe into loop. Put socks on to cover and maintain position. Provides cushion and shock absorption.

Pinky Toe Pads – Slide over pinky toe to help with Tailor’s Bunion for covering and protection.

Bunion Toe Cover – Slide over big toe and between big toe and 2nd toe. Provides cover for bunion as well as gentle corrective alignment for the hallux valgus joint.

Toe-Whole Spacer– Slide over and around 2nd toe with rounded bracing part facing big toe, to provide spacing between big toe and 2nd toe.

Small Spacer – Place between big toe and 2nd toe for soft, gentle spacing and toe alignment.

Two-Toe Bunion Spacer – Slide over big toe and 2nd toe to provide spacing and re-alignment, combined with a bunion cover protector.

**Products (all except blue device) are made of silicone medical gel to allow for wearing and placement with shoes, depending on type of shoe and tightness. Some products stay in place better when worn with socks or footies.